OTS MultiServ™ Fuel Storage System

The 21st Century fully compliant approach to fuelling vehicles

The patented MultiServ™ fuelling station has been designed to provide a complete fuelling solution.
Each ‘bespoke’ tank is designed to meet the needs of our valued customers with every project having its own unique build to ensure it is fit for purpose and designed to meet consumer objectives. We offer a 20-year design life certificate coupled with a team of specialist engineers who work with our customers, to create workable solutions, for our customers.
The MultiServ™ Tank has proved very popular with oil distributors and truck stops across the UK who turn over large volumes of diesel on a daily basis and have since reported a 40% increase in business since the installation of the MultiServ™ tank. With fast fuelling pumps, the ability to fill up 4 vehicles at once, built-in data collection and fuel monitoring systems coupled with more fuelling and less queuing at truck stops, it is easy to see why the MultiServ™ is a profitable investment for our valued customers.

MultiServ features include:

  • Multi Fuel Storage including Derv, Gas Oil, Petrol, AdBlue, Water, Lubes etc.
  • Air Compressor Option for tyre inflating
  • Generator Option for power cuts or isolated sites or Electric Vehicle charging
  • Transportable
  • Totally Secure
  • Easy to install
  • Fully Accountable Fuel Management Systems
  • Range of Pump options
  • Hose Reel delivery up to 8m for easy fuelling
  • Double Sided Fuelling Option
  • Compact Footprint
  • Perspex Weather Hood over delivery point ~ optional
  • Choice of colours
  • 20 year design life expectancy on tanks
20 years life expectancy

"We strive to deliver high-quality fuel and so we have put stringent controls in place to monitor every stock delivery and ensure we maintain the extremely high standards that our customers have come to expect."

Mike Colohan, Head of Fuel Cards, Team Flitwick

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