Oil Tank Supplies

Rooftop solar electricity panels on factory roof

OTS Factory Solar PanelsOil Tank Supplies is using rooftop solar panels to generate electricity for its factory work shops and offices at the Springhill Business Park, Moreton in Marsh, Gloucestershire.

The investment underlines the company’s commitment to helping achieve national targets for carbon emissions reduction. The 30KW Solar PV system is expected to generate 25,000 kWh per year.

“This was a significant outlay for our company,” explains OTS Chairman, Bruce Woodall. “We have signed up for the Green Energy Certification scheme which allows us to offset our energy costs against the generation of solar electricity which feeds into the national grid.”

Bruce Woodall continues: “Our business is geared to the requirements of the oil supply industry and we are all very much aware of the environmental impact of all our activities, through from exploration, to production, distribution and the storage of fuel oil.

“In the long term we are expecting a positive return by reducing our factory operating costs. But for today, the most immediate benefit is in showing our support for our customers who are also looking to reduce their carbon footprints by dealing with companies that have good practical measures in place for reducing pollution”.