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Show Time – setting out the stall for 2014

Fuel Quality Storage Solutions

Oil Tank Supplies continues to expand its coverage and the scope of products now being offered to support fuel oil distribution and storage applications.

The company was present at two leading trade shows this year - the FPS Expo in Harrogate, for the third year running - and the Facilities Show in Birmingham. The latter being a first for OTS focussing on TankCare as we continue to push out into the tank maintenance and fuel quality service support market.

In the two years since OTS first attended the FPS Expo, the company has set a cracking pace, providing innovative and cost effective solutions for fuel quality conditioning and stock monitoring. These developments have enabled us to widen our scope over a number of market sectors, such as data centres and support facilities using stand-by power generation as well as more traditional makets in transportation and bulk fuel oil distribution facilities.  In this edition of OTS TankTimes, we review some of the latest product and service developments.

Sales team
In order to secure new business opportunities, we have strengthened our front office team with the recruitment of two highly experienced commercial fuelling professionals; Bill Bower as national sales manager and Nick Blanks, project and installations manager.

In addition to these appointments, Nick Hughes takes over from Barrie Hughes as environmental, health and safety manager.  Nick will assist the projects team on technical surveys and he will be responsible for the logistics side of the business.

Business process
In order to ensure we maintain the highest standards of operational efficiency, OTS has invested in a new generation business management software suite.  As an integrated package, this will enable the company to track and manage sales enquiries from first contact through to estimates, project planning, procurement, delivery and invoicing.  Other strategic investments have also been made to introduce mobile computing using  ‘cloud’ technology to support project management.

Oil Tank Supplies

Stock monitoring and Inventory Control

The OTS TankStream family uses Internet connectivity for real time stock visibility.

tankstream-fuel-quality-and-stock-monitoring-screenshot-300x165Oil Tank Supplies has developed a range of electronic tank gauging products to support depot and wholesale fuel oil storage facilities. These gauges are used in conjunction with the appropriate instrumentation to measure tank levels, temperature and water content. The data is presented in a clear digital display which can be viewed both on-site and online by using TankStream - a dedicated stock monitoring system, which is operated by a standard web browser and does not require proprietary software.

Recommendations for site installations will vary according to operational requirements. In addition to stock monitoring, TankStream can be used with fuel conditioning systems and additional protective measures to prevent potential contamination by ‘rogue’ fuel deliveries.  An important feature of the online connectivity is the ability to offer ‘Real Time’ remote monitoring with SMS messaging and e-mail alarm alerts.

tankstream-fuel-quality-and-stock-monitoring-data-300x80The TankStream family covers all installation requirements from a single tank up to a larger scale distribution terminal.

TankStream LITE
The basic entry level display console is intended for local operation, covering two storage tanks. The tank contents are measured by pressure sensor devices. Features include a high level alarm and integrated bund alarms. This console can be integrated into a larger web-based network, using the TankStream Touch screen panel as the master console.

TankStream II
The full specification unit provides increased processing capacity for up to eight tanks. The user simply scrolls through the digital display listing to check individual tank contents. As well as recording the data in real time, the unit is also connected to the internet using GPRS  telecoms technology to enable remote monitoring via an Internet connection.

TankStream Touch
This option provides the user with a consolidated overview presentation. Each of the depot tanks are presented as a graphic which can then be selected for more details. The data is collected from appropriate sensor devices used to measure height of fuel contents, ullage (free space) and water content etc.

Fuel Control System
Normally housed in a weather proof cabinet, the FCS provides all the information required to enable delivery tanker drivers to check the depot tank contents and obtain a printed receipt when either unloading or loading fuel. Most depots operate on a self-serve basis and OTS has simplified the process by integrating the tank contents gauge and the loading information into a single control panel with touch display.

In operation TankStream allows management to track and monitor their fuel storage facilities. For example, in a typical multi-depot haulage operation, the customer simply logs into his account through a web browser, to view his dashboard overview.  This will show that he has a specific quantity of fuel across the network and how this is distributed between the actual tanks located at regional depots.

Rather than inventory alarms, the tank contents low level setting itself, can be used to trigger a purchasing instruction, so that stocks are replenished automatically. The supervisor can click on any depot to view the current status. Should there be any alarms, the system will send out an SMS message to key personnel,  who must then acknowledge receipt in order to order to ensure traceability and full responsibility for any corrective action required.

Customers can also use the system to monitor the serviceability of the fuelling facilities. For instance output from pump and machine diagnostics monitoring nozzle switches, back lights, motor running electrical spikes and fuel flow through the pumps.

The system can also be used to monitor drainage tank interceptors and other security measures such as the closed circuit television. Potentially there is capacity to pick up some 200 or more devices or data entry gates. Driven by actual customer requirements,  the development of OTS TankStream is moving towards the functionality of a full blown building management systems tool.

Oil Tank Supplies

Portable fuel quality conditioning unit on short term hire

Oil Tank Supplies service division, TankCare Ltd, has introduced a drop-and-go hire service to support fuel storage tank service teams, who require a short term solution for reconditioning contaminated wetstock.

The quality of fuel left standing for emergency power generators and other contingency machinery and plant will deteriorate over time. For assured reliability therefore, the fuel stock should be lifted and refreshed at regular intervals. This is a fairly straightforward process which involves pumping the stock out of the tank and recirculating it through a series of filters to remove dirt particles and any water content.

In addition to providing a sterile filtration unit, OTS will deliver all the associated accessories, such as the hoses and power supplies required to support its operation on location. On completion of the task, OTS will collect the unit and dispose the all the waste materials including the used filtration cartridges.

If required, TankCare has the facilities to provide full back up service support, starting with fuel sampling and analysis. Reports can be provided before and after completion of the tank cleansing procedure.

For bigger jobs TankCare will undertake an attended visit, providing a service technician as well as a mobile fuel treatment unit, equipped with full test and analysis facilities. There is also an option to lift the entire wetstock contents for processing offsite, using an approved fuel oil recycling tanker.

In addition to test,  and fuel quality reconditioning, TankCare will also be happy to offer a full tank cleansing service in collaboration with your site maintenance department.

Oil Tank Supplies

OTS MultiServ designed to meet 20 years life expectancy

OTS Multiserve Fuelling Station

Transport operators are replacing underground fuel storage facilities with above ground installations - the Environmental Agency’s now preferred option. As well as meeting the latest requirements for the protection of the environment, this approach allows greater flexibility when planning and updating depot facilities.

Build quality is crucial, since most fuelling points are exposed to the weather. OTS tanks are designed to offer a 20 year life expectancy. This is certified under OFTEC T200 specification for commercial oil storage installations.

“Regulations for the storage of fuel oil are under continual scrutiny,” explains sales director, Steve Gain. “We can assure our customers that our tanks will be fully compliant with the latest requirements for BS 5410 Part 2 standard which was introduced in April.”

Oil Tank Supplies

TankCare’s quality sampling kit allows distributors to undertake interim tests

Fuel Quality Test Sampling KitOTS TankCare is marketing a sampling kit containing sterile sample bottles, test guides and all the equipment required to enable fuel distributors and customers to carry out their own quality checks on deliveries and out- going fuel stocks, as and whenever they choose.

It is intended that the kits would be used in conjunction with a planned maintenance programme. The main advantage is that full service tests can be scheduled more efficiently, reducing costs and enabling the client to set up a quality control procedure according to site specific requirements.

“Normally we recommend full service testing for Derv and Gas Oil tanks on a quarterly basis,“ explains TankCare operations manager, Darrin Francis. “For clients who are prepared to undertake their own interim tests we can offer an alternative Tier 2 service.”

The fuel quality test kit includes a filter patch which is used to capture a visual indication of the level of contamination within the sample. A client opting for the Tier 2 service will start with a full service test to set the baseline. The test results are entered onto a website database. As interim readings are logged, the client will be able to observe trends and any anomalies. The results are then validated by a follow up full service test on a six monthly cycle. Clients can choose to test as many times as they like with the benefit of building up more accurate results at the start and finish.

The fuel quality test sampling kit:
Designed to cover requirements for two fuel grades, each kit contains six sterile sample bottles, a syringe and one micron filter patch for visual indication of the levels of contamination. Other items include gloves, a spill matt, and instructions.

All the components are secured in a rugged polycarbonate holder together with hi-resolution images for use in comparison of what clean fuel should look like as a guide. Also included is a pre-addressed ‘postal’ container for returning the samples to the TankCare, test laboratory. Alternatively, arrangements can be made for the samples to be collected by a courier service. Samples will be analysed within 24 hours and the results logged and reported back to client.