APEA Innovation Awards - Finalists

OTS have been short listed for the APEA 2017 Innovation Award as Finalists for their MultiServ™ Modular Filling Station deployed as 24/7 unmanned TruckStops. The Patented design of the modular filling stations features "state of the art" fuel dispensing, fuel filtration, automatic tank gauging equipment fully integrated into the tank packs. The flexibility of the tanks allows for storage and dispensing of multiple products, such as, Diesel, Gas Oil and AdBlue™, with dispensing speeds up to 120LPM ensures simultaneous fast refuelling of four HGV vehicles per tank pack. Electronic Card Readers provide facilities for accepting all Fuel Cards, with the "pay at pump" option selected, credit and debit cards are also available.

Fuel quality is paramount to todays EuroVI HGV's to ensure optimal engine efficiency meeting the regulated control of harmful emissions and the impact on our Cities, the OTS MultiServ™ TruckStops have on-board high efficiency fuel filtration systems that interact fuel quality monitoring devices to ensure fuel stored is optimised at all times. Further "Nano" technology is deployed, E3Plus Fuel Performance Units are installed on the fuel discharge lines, the combination of fuel filtration with the E3Plus helps improve MPG's and further reduction in harmful emissions. CONTACT OTS 01386 853409 for further details.