The Aqua-Zorb water-free cell is a simple and effective means of removing water from the bottom of diesel fuel tanks. By using the fabric sheath containing a water absorbing formula, the Aqua-Zorb product eliminates the need for draining fuel tanks to remove water. The cells can be easily be replaced to constantly provide a method of maintaining the integrity of the fuel whether it is in a storage tank or on a vehicle.

12" x 32" cells with water absorption rate of 15.14L per cell
12″ x 32″ cells with water absorption rate of 15.14L per cell

The water content of diesel naturally falls to the bottom of a tank and can create a breeding area for bugs that impact on the quality of the diesel. Traditionally, water is removed by draining it off at the base of the fuel tank with the associated health and safety and disposal issues. Aqua-Zorb eliminates the need for the draining of a fuel tank and the expanded sheath, which contains the water, can be disposed of using conventional waste collection services as there is no diesel contained in the formula.

The Aqua-Zorb fabric sheath is dropped into a tank and the weight of the steel rod product positions it at the bottom of the vessel. The hydrophilic formula inside the sheath only absorbs water and swells up to hold the waste liquid. The sheath can be removed using the attached cord to inspect the level of absorption, and can be replaced if necessary with a new Aqua-Zorb cell.

Widely used in the haulage and agricultural industries, Aqua-Zorb is a reliable and safe means of maintaining the condition of stored fuel. Product tests have shown no leakage of the water from the expanded sheath, no contamination of the fuel from the product and no issues relating to removal and replacement of the product in the storage tank.

Oil Tank Supplies (OTS) are deploying and installing this unique product in all new tanks constructed from May 2018 as part of a suite of packages designed to maximise fuel quality and protect vehicle engines downstream. EuroVI engines require optimised fuel quality at all times to ensure clean air emissions are attained along with the reduction in harmful NOx gasses.

RETRO fitting Aqua-zorb water removing cells to diesel fuel storage tanks forms part of OTS tank hygiene service programme and are fitted direct to the tank floor (pending inspection). The service programme is based on 3monthly inspections to check for tank hygiene and fuel quality, this essential maintenance has been design to check for water, particulate and bacterial contamination, results are trended securely online and supported by UKAS Accredited Laboratory.

This short video shows the effectiveness of Aqua-Zorb and its tested water removal properties, when combined with a 3monthly fuel sampling and testing regime provides for a proactive approach to fuel quality and tank hygiene, with engine repair costs upwards of £10,000, can you afford not to put in place a proven maintenance regime?

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