Quayside Storage Facility
Heavy Tank Lift

Oil Tank Supplies Ltd (OTS) was chosen to manufacture and install 2No 150,000L above ground steel bunded “SecuriTanks™” for a new CTV Refuelling System and storage of 300,000L marine gas oil. The facility has been developed for refuelling of the crew transfer vessels (CTV) operating on the offshore windfarm.

OTS was actively involved in the early design stages of the facility to ensure environmental compliance given the harbour location. Special consideration was paid to the external paint finish to provide minimum 10 year corrosion protection. The scheme had to be modular in design to allow ease of installation and subsequent removal on completion of the service contract. A further steel fill cabinet to provide a common fill point for both tanks along with environmental protection equipment. Connection points were provided off the tank for 3No CTV refuelling cabinets (installed by others).

OTS engineering team were also called upon to help a Netherlands based specialist contractor brought in to design and install a temporary tank base required to protect the quayside, this meant exacting tolerances needed in the tank construction given both tanks were linked with balance pipe manifold and common fill points.

The images below show the complexity of the tank lift and the size of mobile crane required (400t) to place the tanks to their final position on the quayside.

OTS specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of large bulk fuel storage tanks for fuel farms, distribution depots and 24/7 “pop up” filling stations. All tanks are designed in accordance with the COP Regulations and have a design life expectancy of 25 years.

See link http://www.oiltanksupplies.co.uk/secure-fuel-tanks/