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Leachate tanks are used in land reclamation projects. They are designed to hold contaminated ground water which is being extracted from the site. Commonly called leachate, this ‘water’ can be highly corrosive, toxic or acidic dependent on what the site was being used for previously. Once the leachate tank is full or the project has ended the contents are then transferred to a tanker for removal to an appropriate waste facility site for treatment and safe disposal.

Leachate Tanks
Leachate Tanks

Leachate tank main features:

  • Built to order with a specification from 50L to 100,00L
  • Designs are either closed or open bunded (dependent on standard requirements for contamination and environmental protection.
  • Choice of Fill and off take flange couplings (standard 4inch or custom requirement
  • Ladders and gantries for service access
  • On completion of the project we will dispose of the product for you

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