Corrosion – Failed Storage Tanks? OTS has a solution.

Not only do Oil Tank Supplies Ltd manufacture large bunded steel storage tanks we can also repair and refurbish old storage tanks that are either leaking or suffering from corrosion issues on site. Our team of experienced site operatives has extensive knowledge of linings & coatings along with excellent problem solving skills. OTS engineers have been trained to the highest standards in the industry, particularly in Confined Spaces – Health & Safety on site.

Tank & Bund Repair Service
Tank Lining Repair Service

OTS, realize that time involved and potential loss of production having a storage tank out of action, requires the need for a cost-effective solution without major disruption. Our site survey teams will quickly determine the problem and the suitability of the failed tank for remedial lining treatments.

Types of Linings

OTS have several options when it comes to Lining or coatings of In Situ Tanks.

Unreinforced Coatings – Such as Epoxies and Polyurethanes which are most suitable for New Build Storage tanks or those that are suffering with Minor Corrosion. Our Coatings team are Specialist Applicators of both Jotun & International coating Systems. These can be applied both internally and externally.

Reinforced Linings – Such as Glass Reinforced Plastic Linings (fibreglass), which are most suitable for storage tanks, that require structural Integrity and suffering from perforations, severe corrosion & chemical erosion. Reinforced Linings are installed internally inside storage Tanks

Fast Setting Ureas – Such as Polyureas where quick return to service is required, these specialist coatings can be touch dry in as little as 1 minute and as they are solvent free a return to service 24 hours after application, these can be applied both internally and externally.

With all our Lining Systems on offer the chosen preparation method is Abrasive Blasting by our site Grit Blasting team, when you want a coating or Lining to adhere permanently the only method of preparation is Abrasive Blasting our team can carry out Abrasive blasting in the most challenging of confined spaces using safe control measures and state of the art Abrasive Blasting Equipment.

Quality control – All our linings & coating Systems fall under strict Quality Control checks such as Spark Testing, Hardness Checks & Film Thickness checks to ensure 100% coverage, giving you the client complete satisfaction that your lining or coating is permanent as opposed to temporary. Warranties from 5 years to 25 years are available on all our Linings & Coating Systems.

Our Systems can be applied both internally and externally offering a completely new looking Storage Tank at a fraction of the cost of a new build They all offer excellent Chemical Resistance to the harshest chemicals with concentrations as high as 100%, and storage Temperatures of up to 140 degrees centigrade.

Specialist Tank Linings and Coatings

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