Tank Decommissioning

  • Underground tank removals and disposal
  • Foam, water and concrete filling of redundant tanks
  • Safe Cutting up and removal of storage tanks and fuel installations
  • Decommissioning of fuel distribution depots
  • Environmental Surveys
  • NDT and Integrity testing
  • Uplift and transfer of fuels
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Gas free certification
Tank Decommissioning
Oil and Water Seperator

Oil & Water Separators

  • For on site treatment of hydro carbon contaminated water


  • Uplift & Disposal of Biodegradable Tankered Trade Effluent
  • Self-loading vacuum tankers for uplifting Hazardous and Non Hazardous liquid waste
  • Oil Tankers including Petrol Reg
Oil Tank Supplies

Oil Spill Response

  • 24/7 cover with emergency call out spill response
  • Registered dealer in controlled oils
  • Buyers of redundant fuel stocks
  • Disposal of contaminated fuels

Packaged Special Wastes

  • Identification, packaging, Haz Chem Labels, consignment notes to comply with The Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road and Rail regulations 1994.

A complete installation service with guaranteed peace of mind

Oil tank supplies offer a complete installation service which covers all aspects from civil engineering co-ordination right through to commissioning and service support.

We operate our own fleet of specialist vehicles and licensed waste carrier vehicles making us self sufficient and equipped to carry out an array of installation tasks. All OTS operatives are also trained as ADR appointed persons and banks men allowing contracts too be handled efficiently and to legal legislation requirements.

Tank Installation
This service includes:
  • Full survey of the site
  • Plans for decommissioning obsolete installations
  • Refurbishment and or recycling of existing tanks
  • Removal of waste / contaminated product
  • Safe cutting up and removal of existing storage tanks
  • Uplift and transfer of fuel

If you are storing diesel you should be taking precautions to avoid the effects of microbial fuel contamination.

For technical advice and service support speak to OTS TankCare

With OTS TankCare, we have assembled the expertise and resources needed to ensure trouble-free operation of your fuel oil storage and dispensing facilities.

Our service starts with a fixed price visit to inspect your tank installation and obtain samples. The OTS TankCare service engineer will be able to provide an immediate assessment which will be backed up by a more detailed survey report including an analysis of the samples. From this information, we can discuss appropriate treatment, service plans and prices.

For long-term support, we can provide ongoing planned and preventative maintenance and monitoring that is critical to ensuring optimum tank and product conditions are maintained.

Tank cleaning example

Our range of services includes:

  • Initial site survey including tank and fuel sampling
  • Product sampling from multiple sectors of tank floor
  • Analysis and assessment of samples
  • Recommendations for appropriate service or range of treatments
  • Reporting with photographic evidence
  • De-watering of tanks – both free water & suspended water
  • On site testing of fuel contamination
  • Removal and safe disposal of waste contaminants and water
  • Fitting of fuel conditioning equipment to tank pipework
  • Multi stage fuel filtration / re-conditioning utilising equipment tested to SAE J1488 2010_10 for removal of emulsified water as noted in BS5410 Part 3 2016
  • Suction Line Pressure Clean with line flush treatments
  • Full tank clean
  • Checking & replacement of cork seals/ gaskets that are not compatible with Biodiesel
  • Full certification and reporting
  • Follow up programme of planned preventative monitoring, treatments and reporting

OTS TankCare

Our aim is to provide a range of services that are cost effective, reliable, successful and proven to remedy poor tank condition and fuel degradation. Once tank and fuel condition have been optimised, we can then provide ongoing planned and preventative services to maintain that condition at an acceptable level and cost and to undertake monitoring and reporting on the condition at appropriate intervals.

In operation

The initial tank and site survey provides the basis for recommending appropriate levels of service relative to individual tank and fuel condition. This will ensure that the right course of treatments are provided for individual tank and fuel conditions, minimising unnecessary expenditure, but targeting and prioritising the expenditure where it is most required.

Clearly, it would be most cost effective to carry out as much work as possible on tanks and fuel during a single site visit. OTS TankCare vans are fully equipped to undertake most of the services outlined above. Tank cleaning and tank retrofitting will be carried out in accordance with an agreed service plan.

For a customer with a large network of sites, it might be worth considering undertaking the initial site survey and fuel sampling across the whole network of sites, to provide an overall assessment of the complete tank farm asset. With this information, it will be easier to provide recommendations and proposals for an operational plan that will best target the right treatments and provide the most cost-effective schedule. The OTS TankCare service plan can be by region or perhaps by prioritising those sites that are in the worst condition.

We can provide planned scheduled work for individual sites or for large networks of sites as well as emergency call out response for more urgent situations.

Please feel free to contact your nearest OTS TankCare team on 0800 169 2909 to discuss your requirements in greater detail.

Tank Cleaning
Tank Cleaning
Tank Cleaning