Here at Oil Tank Supplies we pride ourselves on being a leader in the fuel industry, always striving to advance our fuelling solutions Nationwide.

We have over 40 years experience in designing, building and installing a range of tanks from 1,000 litres to 200,000 litres.

We are the only tank manufacturing company that also install / decommission and Service storage tanks using in-house and highly trained, competent technicians.

Oil Tank Supplies are certified to ISO 9001 and OFS / T200 and we are a registered dealer in controlled oils (RDCO) so we can uplift and transfer fuels legally. We are also a licensed waste management company that can take any tanks for licensed duty of care disposal.

Oil Tank Supplies is a “Can Do” company who believe in solving problems for their clients by working with them to design and build a cost effective fuelling solution.

We strive to invent new and advanced technologies to enhance tank design and quality of fuel by working with well established organisations within the oil industry. We believe in communication and positive networking to share ideas and create the future for re-fuelling solutions.

Oil Tank Supplies care about the environment and strive to offer fuelling solutions that reduce emissions and increase the quality of fuel in the market place.

Customer service is the foundation on which Oil Tank Supplies was built

We like to work with customers to solve problems not create them. We have a dedicated team of experienced engineers to adhere to all your manufacturing requirements coupled with a dedicated team of drivers who enhance the service we provide:

  • CPC trained
  • ADR trained
  • Appointed persons
  • Banksmen

Oil Tank Supplies also have a dedicated sales team / drawing technicians and administration team who deal with customer queries and orders from point of sale right through to completion of the job.

We also offer all customers 24/7 cover with emergency call out spill response

Oil Tank Supplies employ only the best in their field and industry to ensure the highest of standards and we also operate our own feet of vehicle to ensure our service standards are second to none.

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